Our Values

We at Muscle Anabolic Lab want to set ourselves apart from other companies in the supplement market with a policy of 100% transparency, integrity and outstanding quality.

The sports nutrition industry is notorious for putting huge mark-ups on their products and making exaggerated claims based on poor science. When you work hard on your training and diet and invest in supplements to help you see the results you want, you don’t deserve to be disappointed again and again by overpriced, overhyped products which can’t live up to their marketing!

At Muscle Anabolic Lab, we’ve made a conscious decision not to engage in the shady practices which are all too common in the supplement industry, like:

  • Using ineffective ingredients which aren’t backed by science
  • Using effective ingredients, but at doses too low to have any results
  • Using proprietary blends to disguise what’s really in our products
  • Using banned substances which put your health at risk
  • Making overblown claims in our marketing which the products can’t live up to

When you’re training for your best ever performance and physique, the honest answer is that there are no short cuts – hard work and a good diet are the only way. Any product claiming to get round this simple truth is a waste of money.

However, scientific research has confirmed that some substances, in combination with diet and exercise, can help you achieve maximum results and minimise common issues like soreness and fatigue. We at Muscle Anabolic Lab rely on scientific and clinical research by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), which is part of the United States National Library of Medicine (NLM), a branch of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), to make quality products containing only those ingredients which are backed up by evidence.

Unlike many other companies, we also commit to including ingredients at doses which have been shown to be clinically effective, rather than putting lots of fancy names on a label but including them in tiny amounts to cut costs. Our formulations are simple but effective – no cheap fillers, no micro-doses of lots of chemicals which are only there to make the label look impressive, just the quality ingredients which will actually make a difference to your training.

We believe that selling a quality product which will get our customers great results, with 100% transparency and integrity, is a better way to run our business than selling underperforming products at inflated prices. If you try our products, the results you see will have you coming back for more.